When To Replace Your Garage Door Opener

Know The Signs: When to Replace Your Garage Door Opener
Your garage door opener is a modern convenience you may not think much about until you’re suddenly without it. Being able to open your garage door with the push of a button from the comfort and safety of your vehicle is a luxury many people know, and most would find themselves completely thrown for a loop if it were to break down. Read on to learn the signs that may indicate the end of your garage door opener’s life, from cnet.com


An opener that tends to vibrate might seem harmless in the beginning, but keep an eye on it. A vibrating opener could eventually break free from its mounting and fall to the ground (or worse – onto your car). When crucial mechanical parts like these fail, it’s time to get a new opener.


Opening then reversing
If your garage door opens then reverses, don’t immediately panic that it’s dying. This action can point to an issue with the security sensors at the bottom of the garage door frame. Check to be sure the sensors are aligned correctly by consulting your garage door opener’s manual. If that doesn’t fix the reversing issue, sweep the floor across the garage door threshold to clear and debris that might be tripping the system, and clean the photo-eye of each sensor with a lens cloth. If this also doesn’t solve the issue, it might be time to get a new opener.


New noises
Newer belt drive openers are naturally quieter than the old, bicycle-chain openers. If you have one of the older style chain openers, consider upgrading to a belt drive opener just for the lessened noise. If you already own a newer opener that is suddenly extra noisy, that’s cause for concern. Have a technician inspect it to find the source of the noise, and keep in mind that most electric motors get louder as they near their end, and it might be time for a replacement.


Intermittent or unresponsive opening
If your garage door isn’t opening when you press wall-mounted or remote control buttons, there are a few things that could be wrong. Always double check that your remote control has fresh, working batteries. If that isn’t the issue, an unresponsive opener could point to problems with the opener’s logic board or wiring. While those can be fixed with some spare time and extra parts, it’s often easier and more reliable to go ahead and purchase a new unit.
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