The Many Uses of Commercial Garage Doors

The Many Uses of Commercial Garage Doors
Having a new commercial garage door installed is an investment so it’s smart to do some research and educate yourself to make the best choice for your business needs. The most important question to start with is “what will be the primary function of the door?” Will this doorway be primarily for people or vehicles? Will you be loading equipment or merchandise in and out of this doorway? Do you need a fire-safe door?


Overhead Doors
The most popular type of garage doors for business is the overhead garage door. Overhead garage doors are opened via rails that pull them up until the door is in a position horizontal with the ceiling. These garage doors are most suited for a doorway that will be used primarily for the passage of vehicles. They are operated with remote control, but can also be operated manually if necessary. Overhead doors are constructed with horizontal slats constructed of wood, or different types of metal. These narrow-hinged sections allow the door to bend, giving the door the flexibility to be raised into the open position and lowered again to be closed.


Roll-Up Doors
Roll-Up doors are a popular solution in for commercial garage doors in warehouse settings where overhead rails are not convenient or there is no accommodation for the rails. These doors are mostly used in doorways and loading docks for the passage of larger vehicles, forklifts and the transfer of equipment, pallets, and product into trucks. The lifting apparatus is attached to an inside wall next to the door opening. The door is led by guides to roll the door up into a coil. Roll-up doors are constructed with much more narrow slats than on overhead doors. This makes the door more flexible for easier rolling.


Fire Rated Doors
Fire rated doors are mostly installed in distribution centers, parking garages, and warehouses and are made from dense stainless steel that is very durable, well insulated, noise resistant, and of course, fire resistant. Fire-rated doors are made with an auto-closing feature that is triggered when a fire is detected. Fire-rated doors can be operated manually or electronically and can be custom built for any type of configuration.



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